Monday, July 9, 2012

Triple Layer Sandwich

Feeling kind of squirelly this Monday morning.

Amy's Lunch
strawberries, honeydew melon
oreo thins, triple layer ham sandwich

I didn't plan on making a 3 layer sandwich. I guess I was in a bit of a Monday morning daze and I buttered the wrong side of the bread! I just cut another slice of bread, buttered the correct side and then made it into the top of the 3 layer sandwich, using the other pieces as a middle and bottom slice. 

How do you butter the wrong side of the bread? Very easily if you are using cut out shapes that only match up a certain way!  Since I was using the regular Wilton cookie cutters I cut the bread before making the sandwich. Usually I am making 3 or 4 sandwiches at once and I stack the slices of pre-cut  bread correctly right away so that I don't mess up. As I was only making one sandwich,  I didn't do that today so the 3 slice sandwich was born. Amy thinks it's great and she couldn't wait to see if it would fit in her mouth.

The squirrel shaped cookie cutter can be found in this set and these are the cute squirrel picks. 

Japanese Bento Accessory Cute Food Pick Animal Squirrel

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