Thursday, July 5, 2012

The luck of the Irish!

Another camp lunch for Amy. A few lucky clovers ...

vanilla pudding, sprinkles, 
honeydew melon, plum slices, strawberries, last 2 cherries!
a few fruit snacks underneath the little clover baran
ham sandwich with a clover coloured on top

Her wiggly tooth came out so this is the last of the pudding for a while. I put some rainbow sprinkles in the little clover cup and then decided to give the  whole  lunch a little lucky clover flair. I didn't really notice until I was colouring it in that the cookie cutter I used on the sandwich wasn't a matching lucky 4 leafed clover. I thought I would be sneaky and use a cookie cutter to stamp the outline so I wouldn't have to free hand draw the shape. Well I guess they can't all be lucky 4 leafed clovers! #91 on our Family Fun List is find a four leafed clover. We've been checking our clover patch -- no luck yet!

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  1. Super cute! All of the clovers are so fun :D


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