Monday, March 26, 2012

Rose's Birthday lunch

Rose is FOUR - I can't believe it. Here's the lunch that I packed on her birthday.

oreos from the 100 calorie snack packs, string cheese,
strawberries, green grapes
4 candle shaped cheese sandwiches

Lunch making was a bit of a disaster as suddenly I couldn't find ANY letter O picks and I wanted to spell her name. I was staring at a pile of picks trying to think up something else to spell on her candles and absentmindedly said oh I'll spell four.  She says to me - Mom if you found the O to spell four then you can just spell my name. Well I hadn't actually found the O so we went with plain candles instead! And since when does Rose know how to spell the word four?  Unfortunately, this letter O fiasco cost me a little time so the rest of the lunch didn't get all of the bells and whistles I had wanted. She was still THRILLED with it so no worries.

I did immediately go online once the children had left for school to order some more alphabet picks. Guess what? A few days later I found the O. Doh! Can't hurt to have some extra letters though. We are down to one letter O from 3 alphabet sets. It's not the only missing picks either -  I just don't know where they end up? They're probably hanging out with our lost socks!!

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