Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Amy's Birthday lunch

Yup - my two eldest children have birthdays really close together. It works out pretty nicely for now since we have been having joint birthday parties without any complaints! (I'll post some photos from their Barbie birthday party shortly)
This was Amy's lunch on her birthday.
clementine, strawberries, Annie's buttery crackers
honeydew melon & a pair of balloon grapes, mini square lemon wafer cookie
#6 sandwich - ham. She specifically asked me to colour it like that :)
I couldn't find my large number 6 cutter so I tried a freehand 6. Not the neatest but clearly a number 6. I made the circle cutout into a balloon as once I cut it out the sandwich seemed a little skimpy. She ate all of her lunch but said it was plenty so that's good news. She specifically asked me to colour it with the food writers, so I obliged. I wish I had planned ahead and ordered some "happy birthday" cupcake toppers to use as picks. Those would have gone over well. Next time ;)

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  1. Your food photography is delicious :) Really helpful for those who aren't too good in the kitchen. Thanks!



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