Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spot & his kitty friend.

Somehow - I missed taking a photo of Heidi's lunch today! Here are the other two.

Spot the puppy for Amy
diced peaches, strawberries, granola bar, vitamins
honeydew melon, Peanut butter sandwich with puppy cheese topper

Rarely do I use the food colour markers as I figure they probably don't need that added to their diet. Amy has been just begging me to to use them on her lunch. I think someone at school must have pretty coloured sandwiches! Well I decided to do it as a surprise today  - and when she spied me making her lunch she was so excited you would have thought I filled it with candy! She had to go for a vaccination today so I thought this might make her happy when she got back to school just in time for lunch. (She was very brave at the Dr.'s and the Dr was just fabulous with her as usual so I was relieved.)

Rose's Lunch - almost the same as above
diced peaches, strawberry, granola bar, vitamins
honeydew melon, strawberry jam semi-sealed sandwich (it didn't work out too well) with an American cheese kitty on top

There have been odd times where not much lunch has been eaten in the past 2 weeks or so. Amy claims that she doesn't have enough time. Rose doesn't really have an answer. I have been trying to put in more fruit and other things that they really like without many new items,  but I cannot tell if it made a difference or not. It's still pretty hot here and maybe they just really aren't that hungry at lunchtime. If it continues I'll ask the teachers for their thoughts on what might be happening.

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