Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 hearts & a crab.

Slow moving morning today. Very similar lunches for the girls.

Heidi's Lunch
lemon cookies, grapes, vitamins
strawberries & mandarin oranges, PB crab sandwich

This sandwich was supposed to be for Rose and I was going to make her an ocean theme. BUT Rose saw me making lunch and decided that she wanted the hearts like Amy instead. So a little switcheroo was in order!

Rose's Lunch
goldfish, strawberries, vitamins,
grapes & mandarin oranges, PB hearts sandwich
She also said she wanted goldfish instead of cookies - Done!
This was the reason I was going to make it an ocean theme in the first place. Ah well.

Amy's Lunch
lemon cookies, strawberries, vitamins
grapes & mandarin oranges, PB hearts sandwich.

Amy wasn't up yet so she missed out on lunch choices - I don't think she'll object to cookies in her lunch though :)

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