Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Post!

My very first blog post - how exciting! The girls have been on school holiday for a week which is a nice break in routine for everyone. I've been feeling kind of yucky but still trying to keep them entertained with some fun activities. Fortunately the weather has been fairly pleasant so we've had lots of outdoor fun.
I am working on two main projects right now - let's call them Operation Clean House and Mission Reduce the Grocery Bill. So far Clean House is a bust but there is progress on the Grocery bill! I've managed to make a meal plan for the month and more importantly STICK to it. Usually I have really great intentions.... but then abandon the menu. There's still time for old habits though as we're only on the second week of this plan - but I'm hopeful. Almost everyday A & R have asked for a muffin tin meal for lunch -that actually works well with the meal planning / reducing the grocery bill since I can use up little bits of this and that leftovers for their lunch. Creativity is dwindling on my part though!
So for my first post I'll share some of their lunches from the past week, plus an indoor activity that went outside in 2 seconds flat - what was I thinking? well that's what the hubby said anyway....
First Muffin Tin: All three girls had the same things. Baby carrots, steamed broccoli, choclate buttons, Tulip hot dogs ( H had diced hot dog bits) with ketchup underneath, yogurt with sprinkles & grated cheddar. They had crackers too - but I took the pics first, gave the *starving* children their lunch and then realised I forgot the crackers!

Second Muffin Tin - Very similar nuffin tins for the girls. A's lunch - Pineapple, strawberries, brownie, peanut butter roll ups, yogurt with sprinkles.

R's lunch is identical except bananas instead of pineapple. I never took a picture of H's lunch but she had the same as R that day except peanut butter sandwich squares, and Yo Toddler yogurt without the sprinkles.

And finally our fun inside activity that ended up an outside on the porch activiy. I saw directions on another blog ( can't remember which one right now!) about how to make coloured rice for a sensory tub. Mix rice, 4-5 squirts of hand sanitizer and about 8 dorp of food colouring in a ziplock bag leave for a few hours or over night. so I thought hey that's easy, I'll try that. Don't ask me why I thought my three would play nicely with this inside and not spill the rice everywhere! The first thing H did was take a big scoop and dump it out on the table & floor. Oops - out they all went to play with it. I had put some sand shovels, small molds, buttons and sequins in the rice to amuse them. I still ended up with rice all over the porch but they really enjoyed it. Hubby said please don't make that up again -- I won't *wink *wink - at least not when he's at home!
Anyway here's them outside playing - it was a really windy day but they  didn't seem to mind.

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