Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday!

Here's our Muffin Tin Monday lunch from yesterday. It went along with the themes for the month.
Everyone had the same - well A didn't have any dip since she prefers her carrots plain. All the same is much easier on Mom -  I like those days - when they all agree!

lime jello jigglers - mini shapes, carrot sticks with ranch, red grapes, 1/2 a trix yogurt with sprinkles, bunny shaped ham sandwich, sliced apples.

Everything was eaten except the jello - a few bites left as they decided they don't really like lime jello all that much. I had bought a box with good St Patrick's Day intentions but never managed a special lunch that day. I like it - so needless to day it's all gone now!

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