Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MTM - Heart Lunch

Here's another oldie but goodie MTM. This was one of my first batch MTMs but not the very first one. This one was for Heidi only - the older girls were at school/nursery.  She really loved this one and I liked the way the heart sandwich turned out. It's mainly a heart theme but not everything in it went with the theme - she didn't seem to mind :) 

I hadn't yet given Heidi raw carrots and was worried about them being a choking hazard especially since I cut them into that shape! So after cutting them, I steamed them so that they were quite soft. I was very careful to watch her when she ate them and was completely compared to take them out and cut them smaller but she did just fine.

applesauce with sprinkles, blackberries, red grapes
mini nilla wafers, jam sandwich,
steamed carrot hearts & halved grape tomato on top of a smidgen of ranch dip

She was very happy to see her lunch! When she started to eat,  I realised the applesauce should have been in the first row so I just swapped the cups.
I'm better about remembering to put any messier items on the front row now.

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