Monday, November 12, 2012

Easylunchboxes and no sandwich lunches!

We were out of bread last Thursday, so I sent some non-sandwich lunches and tried out the easylunchbox mini dippers again. So far we really like them!
Amy's Lunch
ham rollups, crackers, fig newtons and some carrot sticks in a mini dipper
goldfish & strawberries

Rose's Lunch
crackers, ham rollups, carrot sticks, ranch dip in the mini dippers
pretzels and strawberries

Can you tell how nicely two mini dippers fit side by side? You can actually fit 4 mini dippers in the large compartment of the easylunchbox!

Heidi's lunch
crackers, ham rollups, ranch dip, carrot sticks
goldfish & strawberries

This is not a mini dipper but a random little container that I had. I couldn't fit 4 of these in the large compartment. Everyone loved the change from not having a sandwich - especially Rose. I need to start being  a little more creative and not making a sandwich everyday. School is out today and tomorrow so I only have two days of packing lunches (and one day of packing a snack) this week. I'll try to think of something new :)

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