Friday, October 7, 2011

Team effort lunches!

Lunch was mostly made by Daddy! This was a practice run of Daddy making lunch before I went into hospital to have our baby girl :) Daddy assembled everything the night before - except the sandwiches which I made quickly in the morning before school. It was a nice team effort :) The cute little ladybug cupcakes weren't made by either of us! We had been to a BBQ the night before and a friend had brought them. It was the night before my birthday and some even went on my surprise birthday cake as a decoration. The girls were thrilled to have extras for their lunch the next day :)

Amy & Rose had the same lunches:

Ladybug cupcakes, granola bites, string cheese, 2 grapes
honeydew melon, strawberries, vitamins
butterfly sandwiches

Heidi had a different sandwich -
I just used a single punch with a variety of shapes
bird, heart, fish, flower

Daddy said making lunch was easy but don't expect any pictures. The word on the street is that Daddy even cut sandwich shapes for the lunches when I was in hospital!

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