Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amy's camp lunch - Pretty Butterfly

Amy has summer day camp and the theme this week is Western / Horses. They are making cookies today and I loaned out all of my horse theme related cookie cutters to the camp.  Instead of trying to be creative - I made her a butterfly theme :) I finally have a new camera ( THANKS MOM) but haven't had a chance to figure it all out yet. I think I can do better on the lunch photos than this one - but here goes:
Apple jacks cereal (by request), frozen yogurt, honeydew melon
flower icing decoration & butterfly sandwich (ham inside)

Amy was VERY happy to see a pretty lunch again - yesterday she had nothing fancy at all. Just a sandwich cut into triangles and some fruit & granola. She didn't eat hardly any of her lunch yesterday. They went horseback riding and to the beach yesterday with her camp. She had a BLAST! When I was looking for some picks to put in I thought I didn't have a single one that matches and then I remembered the tops of these - PERFECT :) I bought them at All Things For Sale

Added to WFLW:

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