Friday, November 1, 2013

Muffins for lunch!

It's been tricky packing lunch for Emily lately. She doesn't eat much and she's not been eating all of her sandwices. I made a batch of blueberry muffins and the kids were all happy to devour them! I saved a couple for lunches just to change it up a bit. Emily calls them cupcakes - I have not corrected her ^_^.

Emily has a blueberry muffin, rolled up turkey and string cheese, a couple of halved red grapes, a sliced strawberry, a few honeydew melon slices, 2 cucumber flowers, and a couple of carrot sticks. She took at least a few nibbles of everything. I knew that it was a bit too much food for her but I didn't want her to be hungry. 

Some days she eats everything in her lunch and when she comes home it's straight to bed for naptime. I want to make sure that if she's hungry at playgroup she has plenty to eat as she's just so tired when she gets home. Literally, she comes in the door and wants to take off her shoes and socks, grab her blankie and climb into bed. She's usually asleep within 20 minutes of arriving at home. Thank you playgroup! On those days I can get so much work done for my paying job. And that makes the nights earlier for me too. I am happy that she has such a fun time and a good nap - I just don't want her to be hungry but too tired too eat. She wakes up a bit grumpy sometimes and I'm sure it's beacuse she's a bit hungry. So I'll probably keep packing a little too much food just in case.

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